10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About LED Lighting

10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About LED Lighting

Office LED Lighting

What is LED Lighting?

LED lighting or light emitting diodes have been around for some time. While the forerunners of this technology didn’t always perform as well as their various counterparts for a few years, LED’s have now emerged as the light of choice for many commercial and residential applications. Now commercial electricians and building managers alike are now singing the praises of these energy saving devices, because of their sleek design and significant money-saving potential.

Why LED Lighting?

LED lights are an attractive alternative to metal halide, fluorescent, or incandescent bulbs because the amount of energy they use can be a little as one-third of the types previously mentioned. How powerful though? Well, watt-for-watt LED lights are more powerful than any other type of light currently on the market. Over time, this can significantly decrease the operating costs in your office. As if it needed to be better than that, LED lights are also extremely small and compact, available in many different housings and color spectrums.

So the next time you need to replace your lighting, consider LED lighting. It’s attractive, responsible and earth-friendly! And if you need more convincing, here are 10 outstanding facts about LED lights and the way they are continuing to improve our lives!

Amazing Facts About LED Lighting

  1. Efficiency: The average high-pressure sodium lamp runs at 400 watts. LED’s providing the same amount of light only run from 80-250 watts. That’s as much as 80% more efficient!
  2. Earth-Friendly: Many fluorescent bulbs on the market contain toxic substances like mercury. LED’s on the other hand, not only reduce our carbon footprint but also contain no harmful substances and are much easier to dispose of.
  3. Long Lasting: Tired of the bulb blowing when you flick on the light, then fumbling around in the dark trying to replace it? If so, then LED may be for you. LED lights can outlive traditional incandescent bulbs by 4-6 times!
  4. Star Gazer-Friendly: Studies show that 30% of traditional street lighting is reflected into space, creating an electric haze which reduces star gazing, especially in metropolitan areas. LED’s have begun to reverse this problem providing clean street light at ground level allowing safety without the extra light pollution.
  5. Options: As we mentioned above, LED lights can come in just about any color or design you can imagine. This makes LED lighting extremely versatile, from street lights and flashlights to reef aquariums and automobiles, LED’s are making a huge improvement to our society.
  6. Easily Upgraded: As we mentioned above, the options are endless. If you like the idea of being able to change your own LED bulbs when they finally do go out or don’t want to purchase new fixtures, fear not! The versatile nature of LED lighting has allowed manufacturers to make screw-in replacement bulbs that are available at just about any local department store carrying light bulbs.
  7. Durability: Part of the long-lasting features of these lights is that they are immune to some of the weaknesses of their more established counterparts. For example filament bulbs are prone to sudden burnouts and are sensitive to even a slight impact. LED’s, on the other hand, have no such worry; they can “take a lickin’, and keep on tickin'”.
  8. The Cool Factor: LED’s can operate much cooler than traditional light bulbs, allowing HVAC systems to reap the benefits of their efficiency as well by reducing the heat loads produced by traditional style bulbs. This equates to a more comfortable living or workspace. In fact the colder the surrounding temperatures are the more efficient and brighter the LED’s operate.
  9. Insect-Neutral: Certain spectrums of light attract bugs more frequently than others. It has been shown that replacing outdoor lights with ‘warm’ spectrum LED’s can significantly reduce the attraction bugs find in your lights at night.
  10. Law Enforcement: LED’s have found their way into the non-lethal tactical arsenal of military and police departments worldwide. Using a high powered strobe effect, these lights when deployed, temporarily disorient and blind would-be criminals long enough for officials to safely apprehend them, minimizing injury and the need for the lethal use of force.

As you can see, LED lighting is only poised to grow and eventually replace other forms of lighting completely….that is until OLED’s (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) technology is perfected, but that may take some time to solve. Until then, when you need to replace a bulb consider the many benefits of using LED lights to solve your problem. Of course in the event you need some professional advice or LED installation, Fox Commercial Services is here to help, satisfaction guaranteed!

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